Body Scan: A Guided Meditation

The Body Scan: Guided Meditation provides a 22 minute meditation created to shine the light of awareness on your body in a gentle, slow-paced and systematic manner. To begin a body scan, it is best to lie down on your back in a comfortable place, such as on a bed or on a floor mat, with arms extended at your sides and eyes closed.  Or settle into another position or posture in which you feel supported and relaxed. Take this time to listen to the recording as my voice guides you to different regions of the body beginning with your toes and eventually arriving at the top of your head.

By participating in body scan meditations, concentration is deepened, non-judgmental awareness is cultivated and relaxation is realized. This willingness to fully engage with the body, without needing to judge or change the body, alter sensations or create new sensations, is an opportunity to bring kindness and tenderness to the body, to the self, to circumstances and experiences including any pain or suffering that may be held in the present moment.

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Beginning a practice of mindfulness is to embark upon a journey of going nowhere. The destination is to arrive in the present moment. The means and the end are the same. The journey has been described as:

To get from A to B, simply be with A.

Mindfulness practices provide the opportunity to live life as a human-being rather than existing as a human-doing. We begin by taking some time each day for ‘non-doing’. Do not be surprised if you notice a resistance to stopping activity, making time to be still, as you bring mindfulness practices into your daily life. For many, slowing down may be challenging, uncomfortable or difficult. Taking time to stop, pause and rest in the present moment is an act of bravery and kindness within the context of the busyness of our lives.

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Take a Breather

Bring your attention to your breath breathing. With each inhalation and exhalation, be present for the sensations in your body as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Be willing to be with your breath as it is in this moment. No need to change the way you are breathing. Ride the waves of your breath moment by moment, breath by breath.

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Just Listen

Take a moment to listen. Close your eyes or lower your gaze and be willing to listen to the sounds as they come into your awareness. The sounds may be near or far, sudden or steady, loud or soft. They may come and go. Just listen. No need to go searching for the sounds. No need to identify the source of the sounds. Simply let the sounds come to you. Just listen.

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